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Unsuccessful men think money is enough. 


It’s a common misconception. A beautiful woman doesn’t know losers exist.

They ain’t real in her universe. Because everyone on her Instagram has money. 

Money just makes you noticeable. 

But why do you think so many rich, famous, and ultra-successful men get divorced? 

Over time, they lose or completely don’t have the ONE thing that makes them attractive, to begin with. 

You’ll often see rich guys get ignored by beautiful women because they’re incapable of attracting them. 

Example: Men-only bottle service tables at the club. 

They can spend all the money they want, but they’re jerking off back home after the night’s over. 

No woman wants them. But…  

There are plenty of broke, trash men that are surrounded by pretty women. 

Because they bring other attributes to the table. 

Some are extremely handsome, some have fame, some have exceptional social skills… 

But others have NONE of the above. They just know how to take advantage of nature and evolution. They have the ONE thing I mentioned at the start. 

Like the guy that you see with a drop-dead gorgeous girl and you know he ain’t handsome nor famous nor has money nor social skills. 

It’s essentially the type of guy that reads “loser” on his forehead. 

Still… He’s with that hottie and you ain’t. 

What does he probably have that you don’t? 

See the answer here.