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If you’ve read your guide already, you know I hate the following, watered-down, mainstream advice on rejection:

“Just go get rejected on purpose so you desensitize yourself to it.”

While there is SOME validity to the latter part, here’s why the above is BS:

1) Getting rejected on purpose gets you nowhere

Because you go in with the wrong intention, the intention of f’ing up.

Not only that…

But because you wanna f up, you’re creeping out girls since you don’t care about your behavior.

This can lead to dramatic, over-the-top rejections that scar you for life.

Instead, focus on always being at your BEST:

“Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.”

2) You can never desensitize yourself from your genetic wiring

Studies show that when you get rejected, the part in your brain that gets activated is the same one that gets activated when you feel physical pain, i.e. when you get hit.

Yes, you can always “reduce” your feelings, but you can never take them away.

Unless you wanna become a pro boxer and develop a strong chin, what’s the point?

Here’s the best way to go about rejection instead…

It’s a “shortcut” that my friend Troy has discovered.

Based on evolutionary psychology, any guy – even you – can use it to safeguard yourself from rejection.

No matter how hot the girl is.

And it’s not some “evolutionary brain breakthrough” that takes years to unlock.


It’ll take you about 15 seconds to do it.

Just 15 seconds to never get rejected again:

Discover this evolutionary trick behind “bypassing” rejection.